Agricultural Extension Officer Appointed

We are delighted to announce that ART has appointed Zacharia Kamau to the post of Agricultural Extension Officer. Zach has recently completed his diploma at Baraka Agricultural College and is excited about joining ART. Zach has a passion for training and showing others how they can improve their farming to maximise the potential of their land and animals.

Many of the pastors that ART trains have to farm their land, where they have some land, in order to survive. Rural churches are not able to provide a salary for the pastor, unlike urban churches where pastors receive a salary from the church and are well supported. There are many challenges to farming in Kenya even though some areas such as the Western and Nyanza province are highly fertile and crops can often be grown year round. These challenges sometimes arise from the mix or type of crops that farmers grow and a lack of diversification.

We pray that Zach will have much success in improving the rural pastors farming and increasing their income and range of food that they can produce.