Training Manuals Project

As the current group of pastors nears the end of their training we have decided that it’s time to re develop our training material so that new cohorts and their Volunteer Trainers will have a comprehensive set of manuals written to guide trainers through the teaching of each module of the 3 year course.    Dr Judy Luhombo is leading the development of these manuals in co-operation with our staff trainers and the Head of Training.  The manuals will provide not only the content to be taught but will establish the key Achievement Based Objectives (ABO) that will describe what we expect pastors to learn from each module. An example of an ABO might be to be able to preach from a specific passage in Romans and to demonstrate an understanding of the gospel of grace.

Pastors will be involved in a number of learning tasks to help;p them achieve these objectives, such as small group work as well as individual assignments. The manuals will lay out for trainers what these learning tasks are and when they should occur each day during the training week thus reducing the trainers preparation time.  The manuals will developed and tested in the field to ensure that they meet the needs of trainers and are also at the right level for rural pastors.

Judy is a graduate and post graduate from Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST now Union School of Theology) in the UK and  administering their Distance Learning Programme.  She is well qualified and suited to the production of ART’s Training Manuals and has a passion for equipping rural pastors and understands the need to produce material that is at an appropriate level for these pastors.