New centers and pastor trainers

We are tremendously encouraged by the willingness of ten of the pastors who have just completed training in our three centers to train others.  In so doing they are responding to Paul’s challenge to Timothy (1Tim 2v2) “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”.  In many respect this sums up the essence of ART and we feel represents a new testament model for training. that’s so appropriate in Kenya where there are thousands of untrained pastors.

Anthony has been busy over the last few weeks traveling to the different centers to ascertain the viability of new centers and potential sizes of classes as well as the logistics in terms of travel involved for pastors and trainers. At the coast he has confirmed that there are at least 3 cohorts ready to sign up and possible a forth as the bishop of the Redeemed Gospel church in the area is so impressed with results achieved by ART training that he wants to “order” 20 of his pastors to take the training.

In the Nyanza region, six new centers seem a possibility with pastors from Walter’s group providing  most of the training. To our surprise it does not look as if there is much demand in the Lanet region for training. There is a need but some pastors say they are “Spirit led” and do not see the need for training.
Anthony feels that Naivasha would be a much more fruitful area and is confident of getting a group established there. There is also a possibility of training an enthusiastic group of passionate evangelists in the prison there. We get a bit overwhelmed with the needs and opportunities that arise in unlikely places and situations. How we need wisdom! We will be looking to start the new centers in phases to ensure that Anthony and Tom are not overwhelmed and have time to come alongside the new pastor/trainers.