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Funding requirements to 2030

To date ART has been funded through investments of The Fraser Peckham Trust (FPT).   The FPT does not have sufficient resources to fund the growing costs that are involved in the expansion of the ministry.

Figure 1 shows the annual costs of training the number of pastors shown in figure 2 together with the costs of providing agricultural training through qualified diploma level “Extension Officers”.

Factored into the costs are the funds required to cover transportation expenses for the Volunteer Trainers as well as a small honorarium.

It is envisaged that the base costs of operation would stabilise around 2024/2025 with no further recruitment of full time staff although increasing Volunteer Trainer numbers could increase the transportation and honorarium costs going forward.

By 2025 it would be feasible to constrain ongoing costs to fit the income available at that time.  ART’s preferred strategy for expanding the funding available is to seek a small number of large donations that could be used to invest for income, much like the FPT currently does.

Investment Required to generate sustainable income

The investment required to achieve the level of income required per annum are shown in figure 3 and assumes an average return of 5% PA from invested funds.

The actual costs per year for each pastor in training amounts to just £157 or £471 for 3 years Bible training as well as agricultural training.

This is a fraction of the cost of Western training and significantly less than the cost of training in African urban bible colleges that in any case is not an option for the vast majority of rural pastors.

If it were assumed that each pastor reaches on average 100 people through his ministry then ART training will be impacting around 3 million lives with the gospel by 2030.

This equates to an investment of around £3 per person reached yet the impact spiritually and economically in improved production from their land for the pastors will be immense.

In terms of evangelism this number reached could be considerably more through the preaching of the pastors and the witness of church members to their communities.

If you would like a copy of ART’s Vision 2030 Strategic Plan or to discuss making an endowment to ART please contact the Chairman, Jeremy Peckham.