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This is God’s grace…our knowledge was very low.
Many a time we’ve preached what is contrary to the true meaning of scripture.
Pastor Joseph Mwamodo, Kasigau, Coast Region
I have now learnt that there is a lot of nonsense going on in our churches.
Now I have a chance to rectify that nonsense by being a good preacher.
Pastor Vincent, Mumias, Western Region, Kenya
Our pastor has really grown and changed over the last few years.
Member of pastor Maura’s church
Church member, Rift Valley, Kenya
We thought we knew what we were doing.
We’ve realised we knew nothing.
Pastor Joseph Mwamodo, Kasigau, Coast Region
The course Spiritual Growth… has moved me closer to God. I have known God more deeply.
I thank the sponsors, the director and the teacher.
Cornelius Mzungu, Pastor Kasigau cohort
Africa Rural Trainers are a miracle to me. I had desired to study but had financial constraints.
To God be the glory.
Joseph Mnyaka, Pastor, Kasigau cohort
I’ve been a preacher for the last twenty-five years but the quality of my sermons has been wanting.
I’ve been enlightened spiritually, academically and morally.
William Thoya, Pastor and Chief, Kaloleni
“It taught the value of understanding historical and textual contexts of a text.. How could we have known how to interpret a text by discerning whether the language used is literal or figurative?”
Jonathan Mwangeje, Pastor , Kasigau cohort

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Preaching Transformed

Before joining ART Pastor Kenneth Chomba admits that his sermons had no structure and would often be made up in the pulpit!

Pastor Kenneth explains how ART has changed his understanding of the Bible and his preaching.

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Pastors United

Pastor Enoch explains how pastors from different churches and denominations became united through learning the Bible together and realising that there were no barriers because they were one in Christ.

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Family Life Changed

Pastor Stephen comes from a tribe where men do not normally eat with their family.  He and his wife and daughters explain how ART’s course on the Pastor and his family completely changed his approach to his relationships in the family.

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FGM abandoned

Bishop Stephen explains that in the Kisi tribe female genital mutilation FGM is still practiced even though it’s against the law.  This short series of interviews illustrates how widespread the practice is and it’s cultural origins.  Testimony is given as to how the word of God changed one of ART’s training cohorts views on FGM.

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Victims of Post Election Violence Reconciled

Pastor Bernard was a victim of the 2008 Post Election Violence (PEV) in Kenya.  He tells us of his experience and how many Christians were caught up in the violence because of cultural pressure.  He explains how ART has changed his life and brought him to a place of being reconciled.

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Where we train


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Meet the Team

Carol Makanda
Carol MakandaGeneral Manager
Carol is based in Nairobi and is volunteering in the role of General Manager for ART. Carol been involved in reconciliation ministry and Christian education for some years and previously worked for Africa Leadership And Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM). She has four children and is married to Nelson, one of the ART Trustees.
Benson Odenge
Benson OdengeTrainer Western Province
Benson lives in Mumias and trains a group of pastors there as well as overseeing the training of other centers in the Nyanza Province, together with some of the pastors who have graduated from ART. He has a Masters in divinity from a US Bible Seminary. His passion is to empower church leaders to fulfill the great commission by establishing them in sound doctrine and sensitizing them to engage in productive enterprises in order to avoid financial handicaps that may impede their ministry.
Tom Kalume
Tom Kalume Trainer Coast Region
Tom’s passion in ART is to equip, shape and produce excellent pastors who can equip the church with the word and release them to the nations to make a difference. In ART we believe in non-residential local theological schools that bring the Bible to life. Visit Tom’s blog and see what God is doing in rural towns with ART.
Jeremiah Lingri
Jeremiah Lingri Trainer Eastern Region
Jeremiah has been a pastor for a number of years in the Menu region of Eastern Province and he is also Chairman of the Keith Agro Farming Adventure. He also has been successfully growing varied crops in a greenhouse. He is eager to see the church of Christ grow and develop, especially in his region.

Jeremiah has a diploma in Theology and is working to complete a bachelors degree in theology part time.

Meet the Trustees
Meet the Pastors who are Volunteer Trainers

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ART Welcomes Jeremiah Lingri onto staff

January 10th, 2018|0 Comments

We welcome Jeremiah Lingri into the ART family as a full time ART Trainer.  Jeremiah is based in Eastern Province in the Mount Kenya region.  He joined ART towards the end of 2017 and has [...]

13 New Training Centres Launched

January 9th, 2018|0 Comments

We thank God that ART has been able to launch 13 new training centres since September 2017 year bringing the total number of centres where ART trains to 14.  We were able to open a [...]

180 Pastors Graduate!

June 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Jan and Jeremy Peckham, founders of ART were back in Kenya to participate in the graduation of pastors from eight centres in Nyanza, Western and Coast areas in Kenya.  A total of 180 pastors graduated [...]

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